Monday, January 17, 2011

Encounter with a friendly seal at Elkhorn sleuth

During a trip that Christine and I took a few months back to the Monterey area we took a kayak trip into Elkhorn Sleugh.  We encountered many friendly seals and sea otters, it was a wonderful adventure.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve, Holy City and Mt Scott

During our trip back from Altus in January we were pleasantly surprised to find such a jewel of a US Park as the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Reserve.  
 We saw these 4 Bison just as soon as we entered the refuge.  This refuge was created in part to save the bison, that were at the time about to all be killed off by hunters.  There are now over 650 in the refuge.
 The visitor center was very well done, and showed us a movie on the history of the refuge as well as many wonderful exhibits to walk through.
 We had to time this picture just right to catch the prairie dogs kissing...
 Emily by a bison skull and skeleton drawing

 The Holy City is the place of the first passion play in America.  I found a couple Roman Guards roaming around the area.
 Cesar and the guard wanted their taxes

 On top of the world...or at least Mount Scott.  What beautiful views.

 The refuge is also home to many herds of Texas Long horns.
 Mount Scott from a short distance.

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