Monday, August 22, 2011

Sammy's Tricks

We LOVE our dog Sammy!
Look at him as a puppy. SOOO cute! He would love to just snuggle with you all day!
But sleeping is not the only thing Sammy can do. He can do tricks! Here are some videos of Sammy and his AMAZING tricks! :) (don't worry, we aren't torturing him, he loves it! Especially because we give him cheese!


Roll over, also sit, and down.

Dance! Can any of YOUR dogs do this? :)

He can also shake, but the video wouldn't work on here.

Good job Sammy! We love you!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


               Yea! We went to Hawaii! It was Emily and I's first time and it was GREAT! We stayed in Maui. Here are some pictures of our amazing trip.

The hotel pool with the ocean in the background. The pool had a water slide and we went down a ton of times! We are wearing REAL flower leis! Soo pretty!

Emily and I loved playing at the beach. This was my first time ever boogie boarding, and it was so much fun!!! Emily like playing in the sand.

Dad in the Iao Valley

That's Lava rock behind us. We are red because the sun is going down.
We went to an aquarium one night for dinner. It was so cool! There was all kinds of different tropical fish surrounding us while we were eating.
At the aquarium there was a scuba diver who dove in a shark tank and was able to talk to us and answer our questions. I'm glad I wasn't him!

Here we are with a plant called a silver sword. We are on top of a volcano. This is the only place in the WORLD where it grows, on top of this volcano. It lives for 50 years, only flowers once, and then it dies!

We are on a boat getting ready to go snorkeling with fish and then sea turtles! It was so cool, but a little scary getting into the water at first!
Our hotel is behind us!

Mom and Dad with the hotel behind them. The hotel was AMAZING! It was gigantic!

Emily and I after we had gotten "Feathers" in our hair. I had wanted one for a long time,  and Hawaii was an awesome place to get one!

We had such a good time in Hawaii, we can't wait to go back!