Thursday, October 6, 2011

Charla and Gingers Visit

Charla and Ginger (Nana and Gigi) came out to visit us for the weekend! Nana is dad's mom and Gigi is dad's sister.  It was so much fun! We kinda forgot to take pictures :) but here are some we took.
We went to a restaurant named Gingers one night for dinner. Here is Ginger in front of Ginger's! :)  

They got to watch both of our soccer games on Saturday! Then they were inspired to play soccer in the backyard! 
Having lunch at a pizza place right across the street from the...

Movie Theater!!! After lunch we walked over there to see the Dolphin Tale!
Dad has a before the movie ad for his work, Edward Jones! Dad is in the bottom left.
Playing solitaire and golf!!!

Thanks for coming out Nana and Gigi!!!