Monday, August 22, 2011

Sammy's Tricks

We LOVE our dog Sammy!
Look at him as a puppy. SOOO cute! He would love to just snuggle with you all day!
But sleeping is not the only thing Sammy can do. He can do tricks! Here are some videos of Sammy and his AMAZING tricks! :) (don't worry, we aren't torturing him, he loves it! Especially because we give him cheese!


Roll over, also sit, and down.

Dance! Can any of YOUR dogs do this? :)

He can also shake, but the video wouldn't work on here.

Good job Sammy! We love you!



redesigngal said...

4 Sloans: Sammy is the CUTEST dog on the block. Thanks for sharing him with his tricks. I love HOW HE DANCES!
Love, Joy

camptaylor said...

Ashley, you should make some time lapse videos of sammy. 2CUTE!

The Sloans said...

That's a great idea Philothea!