Monday, March 29, 2010

San Francisco

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take the kids to San Francisco for two days to experience the King Tut exhibit before it left town.

Upon arriving in San Francisco we were all very happy that we packed our big coats because it was freezing there. The first thing we did was visit the amazing Golden Gate Bridge overlook and take a small walk down the beach to let the kids play.
Then we drove to the Palace of Fine Arts (one of Cody's favorite places) for some photo moments...Then the rain started.

We decided to tour the Boudin's bakery where San Francisco Sourdough bread started. After we walked 10 blocks to get there, Cody realized that he had left his wallet in the car. What would a trip be without some good stories to tell later. After eating a great meal, we walked to the the pier to see the sea was now dark so all we could see were their shapes and could hear them occasionally. Before going to our hotel room, we needed to make a pitstop at Giradelli's for a late night snack!

We were glad to get to out hotel room which gave us a grand view of the city. We enjoyed seeing a cop arrest someone from 25 floors up. Who needs T.V.?

The King Tut exhibit was very interesting and crowded. There were 10 rooms of artifacts to view. After about 6 rooms, we felt like we had thoroughly experienced the Egyptian culture (lots of people in a small space). It was amazing to see these items that had been used since before Jesus walked the earth.

We went next door to the Japanese tea gardens. The gardens were in full bloom and amazingly beautiful. We had Japanese tea and cookies before we left. We also visited 2 other gardens and
the ocean before we made our way home. We all had a great trip.

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