Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Medieval Faire

On Friday the homeschool group put on a Medieval Faire to teach the kids about life during this time period.  Christine and Cody were in charge of 1 of the 6 teaching booths that each of the kids would visit for about 15 minutes in groups.  We were in charge of teaching the children on the life of a knight and how to become a knight.  The below picture is the booth that we put together for the event.

The feast to start the night, the kids were given chicken legs, bread and cheese, see if you can find Ashley.

Lady Emily

Welcome to Knight Training School, taught by Sir Cody and Lady Christine

This station taught the kids about catapults and how they were made

The nun taught the girls how to make stain glass and life in the church

This station taught about castles and how they looked inside

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