Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Eggs have hatched!!

The eggs have hatched into cute little chicks!!! The first three hatched VERY early Saturday morning, and two more hatched late Saturday night. So all together we have five chicks. We don't think anymore are going to hatch. Four chicks are yellow and one is brown.~Ashley~

The first egg is getting ready to hatch
The two chicks are sleeping. So cute!
The chicks look like they are kissing!
This is the brooder box. It has a light to keep the chicks warm, a water and food bowl, and some of dads old shirts.
We dipped the chick's beak into the water so he would know how to drink.
Sammy is VERY interested in the chicks. He just sits there  and watches them all day.


Stephanie said...

So much fun! They are adorable!! Love how the See's box made it into the chick's box :)

The Sloans said...

I know, they are sooooo cute!! But they chirp super loud! It really bothers Sammy. :) :)~Ashley~

The Sloans said...

I think the chicks poop too much! We have to keep changing the shirts and the paper towels because they are too dirty!:) :) ~Ashley~