Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree!

We had a funny Christmas tree experience this year! Let me tell you about it.

Usually, when we buy a tree, we put lights, ribbon, and ornaments on right away. Well, we put up the lights right away, but the rest we didn't do because I guess it was too late at night. We planned to do the rest the next day! The next day dad put up the ribbon.
We were really busy people the next few days, so thats why it took 3 days to put the angel on top of the tree. Well, Dad was cutting the top of the tree to fit the angel, and he accidentally cut the string of lights! So, he went out to about 4 different stores, to look for the kind of lights we wanted. They were all sold out. He came home and we discovered that we had a couple of strands of lights we could use from outside! Haha so much for going to 4 stores. :) We had to take down the lights and the ribbon, then we put up the other lights and the ribbon(again). The next day, we put up some of the ornaments, and the next day the rest of them. But now the tree is doing great! Hopefully it stays that way. :) ~Ashley~

Our now beautiful tree!

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Stephanie said...

Even with all the extra effort - the tree looks great!!!