Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bat Trip

Last week we were able to have an interesting experience of learning more about bats at the Yolo County Water Basin.  The trip started with a one hour talk about bats (I know it sounds creepy and not fun).  We were very impressed with the quality of the presentation and we learned a lot from it.  After the talk we followed the instructor out into the rice fields (20 minute drive by van) of Yolo County just before dark, so we could view the mass exodus of the bats.  The bats live under the freeway that you can see in the below pictures, and every night they predictably come out at the same place.  
We let the girls each bring a friend.   Behind the girls are rice fields.

Ashley and her friend Haven, the bats nest under the bridge behind them.

Emily and her friend Brielle

Those aren't black clouds, they are clouds of bats.


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the bat trip was really fun, but also fairly creepy. :)