Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oklahoma Trip Part 1

We went to Oklahoma for the Barrett Family Reunion. Here are some pictures from our trip.
We loved playing in the pool, it was a great way to cool down in the 100+  degree heat!

We celebrated Hannah's second birthday with some cake!

Hannah enjoyed riding her tricycle and she was great at it!

Thats Emily with Jack, Andrea's newborn baby.

Emily, Uncle David, and I made some hilarious photos with his Apple laptop.

We went to Soda Steve's every day! The rootbeer floats are soo good! 
Rebekah and I giving Abby a bath after she had jumped in the lake!


Stephanie said...

Love all the pictures Ashley! We only took about 2 on ours, so we are picture-less from the trip! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

The Sloans said...

Were going to send you pictures! We took ALOT with ben and hannah in them!